Horses at Looked Over Farms Memorial For Horses

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                                                                          HISTORY of the Horses on the Planet

     The Horses in the Looked Over Farms Memorial For Horses Herd were bred with thought for Runing and Jumping.  Thus after experence watching racers and jumpers I felt I should use Key paths back to Two Stallions and Mares out of Three Bars a TB  who's speed and quickness developed the quarter Horse Breed and Bull Lee a TB who produce both great runners and jumpers.

     The Old History Books I read had one account that said:  that in the early days of man using aminals to pull things.  Man had the Lions, by being in touch mentaly with Humans, pulling vehicles but when man started killing aminals the Lions turned on man and that's when man eating lions developed. Thus they sent Horses into the Planet to serve mankind till the end of Time. GenesisChapter 9 verse 3 to 7

    In the begining of Ceration, God said to humans, to be fruitful and muntiply fill the earth and then he said subdue it, we are in the subduing stages of Gods plan.  And God Said to Adam and Eve  Behold I have give you every herb bearing seed which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree in which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for your meat. After God God wiped out all persons but Noah and Family,  He told Noah what to ear, Genesis Chapter 9 verse 3 to 7 and to this day the Horses are still just eating veggies. 

    When Cortez brought 13 Horses to South America the Shamens had been told in their hand down History that a Creature that could divided itself would someday come.  When Cortez landed and 13 Horses came off the Ship and then the riders got off them and spoke to the Natives, that set the stage for the downfall of South America. It wasn't until it was too late before the natives went into battle with the Europeans and when the first horse was killed in battle the natives stoped fighting and dicected the Horse to see what it was made of. Then they discovered that the Horse was a animal but to late as the superior fire power and entrenchment of the Eurpeans won over.

    The Horse has the best inmune system in the Aminal Kingdom bar none and Lots of people are living today because of the Horses conturbution to Reserch.

    Mare Horses have been, for years, stood in Tie stalls in Wisconsin and inpregnated with male sperm then their urine is extracted to prouduce Primine for The Chief herb in  medication for Hot Flashes in Women. Of course the baby colts are destroyed or made dog food out of it. There are now Herbal things that work just as well for Hot Flashes and some woman say even better without the side effects, Thank God


   The Horses at Looked Over Farms are raised for the most part outside. This way it gives you a great advavtage to teach things such as having them stand and wait at their place to be fed   Horses are outside creatures so have a better chance of having a good inmune system than one who is in a stall inside and because if runing free a Horse will travel 50 to 100 miles a day which gives them the body movement they need to stay in great health and shape.

    Notice the ages of our Horses and know we are just starting to show them and expect to influnce the Horse Industry not to show Horses until they have Matured.  Also our mares are not exposed to Breeding until they have Matured and this emilitates most of the Birth Problems and makes for a Healthy Colt.

     Let me introduce you to the Horses at Looked Over Farms Memorial For Horses.

     Lets start with Spring Love Born at Dawn on March 20th 1992 1st day of Spring, hence the Name.

      This mare has incredable engery.  After ground work, I started riding her at her age of 7.  To say the least she was not very excited about learning to allow me to try to bring out her jumping talent.  After 2 years I told my wife that I did not think I would ever catch her movements as she was so quick with her feet and legs.  She would try to unseat me and one time she got me so unseated that she proceded to pound my tail bone so that I was sore for a month. Little by little I could see light at the end of the tunnel so that gave me Hope. I took her to a couple of local Horse Shows in 2005 and 2006 where she did very well and at the second show when I was in the ring showing her stablemate she jumped out of a 10 by 10 foot stall with a 5 foot gate and ran down to the ring where I was showing at the Sedgefield Show grounds in Greensboro N.C.. Then I took her to Ocala Fl. in the Spring of 2007 for 5 weeks of Showing and the results are shown on the website of so go there acd click on it if you care to. The site is Listed on the website 3/4 of the way down the page. This year my plans are to enter her into some summer and fall major shows, when we get some support. Spring Loved was taken Ill and never recovered.

      Since I'm working Spirit Dreams towards the Show Ring lets talk about her. Born May 29 1995.  Very stricking apperance. Seal Brown with good size and structure.  Most people that see her think she's the one. She was Born on Memorial Day 1995 and has always been a kind Horse. Strong and laid back. The first time I rode her on a trail for what ever reason at a walk she sun fliped and I found myself looking up at her from the bushes she put me in. From that time on I haven't had a any more problem like that from her. I hope this year to show her.

      Whirling Wind Born January 15 1991 is a mare that is trained to the 4th level of jumping. She is so gentle and kind that any person with a basic knowledge of riding could ride her and enjoy the secure smoth movements she displays. When she was a colt she would jump fences that were set up in the pasture she was in and would get away from the other colts in play by jumping the fences. One time Kind Heart was chacing her and she jumped a fence and Kind Heart slid into it not seeing it till she was right upon it.  I gave her to a good Home this year 2014.

       Leaping Fire Born January 12 1992 is a Mare that was name the way she way because when she was born and in rubbing her dry you could see sparks that looked like fire leap off her body.  She is train to 3rd level jumping and working on 4th level.  I also gave her away to the same good home as she and Whirley were soul Mates.

       Raven's Angel Born Febuary 16 1993: She is a mare that is trained to the 3rd level and has a Stub Colt that was born May 30 2008. When a powerful Lightneen storm came thru the area on September 26th 2011 Raven went on to her Heavenly Herd.


       Goldon Fire Star Born May 29 1996 a mare that has been lefted untrained except to go to her place to be fed. Hoping to turn her out on the Goverment Grasslands to be Free as in Indigenous when the Goverment gives the Horses Indigenous Status.  I gave Her away with Freedom Song

       Fox Fire Born May 30 1994 a Stallion that has been train to run.   Fox Fire past away May1st 2012 from a Hip Ingury early morning. He was injured 3 years ago by a Mares kick and slowly got worst. He will be missed., and often thought of. 

       Zodiac the Listerner Born Febuary 14 1997 a Stallion that has been trained to Jump all kind of things. He is in training to high jump and set a new world record witch is now held by a South American Huaso a ex-racehorse when at 16 he set the record at 8 ft 1.25 inches.  In 1949, before such records were kept, however, a Thoroughbred mare Heatherbloom is said to have jumped 8 feet 2 inches. Zoe died this year. 


       Perfect Sense First Colt of Raven's Anget born May 30 2008.   See Blog for More about Him.

       Freedom's Song Born January 20 2009  First Colt of Essence of Quintessence  See Blog for more about Her  I gave Her away as she and Golden Fire Sear were also Soul mates  both are on pasture.

       Whirling Wind and Leaping Fire I gave away as two young High School kids wanted them for summer riding both were safe and well trained