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                  How The Horses Look at Their Plight:

      We are the Violet Flane in Action in us now.

      We are the Violet Flame to Light alone we bow

      We are the Violet Flame in Mighty Cosmic Power

      We are the Light of God Shining every Hour.

      We are the Violet Flame Blazing like a Sun


                       Elizabeth Clare Prophet

       Have You ever thought, since everything works on a vibration, what would happen if we asked God not to send us back into this planet to serve Human kind? The answer is simple: you would walk. Every Motor on this Planet is rated on Horse Power, H/P, look on one of your motors you will see that sign. Horses helped your ancestors to get to and develop this country. How many Horses are pulling your car?

      The plain and simple truth is that the Spirit can live without a body but a body can not live without a Spirit.

      Easter Island, which is located in the Pacific Ocean, was the worshiping place for the people of the continent of Mu. When MU was sinking, Cows pulled the people of MU to their new homeland India. Cows were made sacred and to this day run free and are not eaten even though at times people were starving.

      How nice and simple it would have been if we were given the same consideration. Instead because of the Monthly Fee paid to the Government on each Cow and Sheep and nothing paid for the Horses, there are 12 Million Cows on the Goverment Grasslands and 8 Million Sheep since the last cruel roundup this year 28 Thouand Horses remain, thus making more room for Cows and Sheep. There use to be 2 Million Horses runing Free. The Burea of land Management says that there is a Horse over Population problem, we know it is becauses we eat the grass shorter than Cows and no Fee paid for us that we are rounded up put into pen's to be adoped or stand there until we died, a plan that is clearly not working. Last Year the Bureau of Land Mangment said it took 465 Dollars to keep us in pens but now since the push is to remove all the Horses off the Grasslands they say that the costs are now 1700 hundred dollars a year for each Horse????

       In the last 10 years the Government ,B.L.M., spent 1 Billion Dollars of Taxpayers Money on Cows, Sheep that are raised on the Government Grassland.

       Read Hope Ryden's Book, America's Last Wild Horses,  She tell how much work and time went into getting the Horse land to run free on and now the Goverment is taking that land away.If you don't have time to read the book at least lookat the pictures. . 

       We the Horses mature at 7 years of age and could be trained by Prisoners who are now doing Time to be used to pull loads, plow land, ride or patrol in wild lands, in 3rd World Countries. This would help bring 3rd World Countries into the 21st Century and help keep America strong by giving a market to sell our goods to, and to help bring Peace to the Planet and then we could run free again.

       The times are such that we need your help and you could use ours. In the words of one of the greatest Religious Leaders ever:   You can never be what you want to be until we are what we want to be, and we can never be what we want to be until you are what you want to be.

        Jesus Christ preached and walked every where he went, but when he went to the Holy City to be Crucified He rode a Colt that had never been ridden into the City to show that the Western Civilation was based on Horse Power.

       If Everyone that drives a car in America would send TWO BUCKS (Turn about is fair play) to Looked Over Farms Memorial For Horses a not for Profit, that would help us get a payday  We would be able to make our Dream come true, To Be Free.

       When we return to our native grasslands Americans could adop us with a chip put in our sholder and tract our progress for a fee larger than collected for the sheep and cattle at this time.  This would be a God blessing for us and keep in line with Gods commandment in Genesis Chapter 9 to Noah.  

       So we can continue our efforts: Please send your Tax Free Dollars to: Looked Over Farms Memorial For Horses, 130 Hunter Ranch Trails Pilot Mountian North Carolina 27041


       Please Hit the Donate button below and feel the wonderful feeling you will get in helping the Horse to get a Payday in America.  

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