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            The History of the Horse is full of information that would help us guide our way thru the subduing process of making this Planet a safe and secure place for everyone to live a Peaceful and Happy Life.  We will know the job is done when a woman, can walk anywhere on the planet and not be in harms way.

           Since I have completed the rasing of a Herd of Jumping Horses and having trained most of them to compete in Show Jumping.  This Page will cover our journey.  Now more than ever we need your input and Help.  We are by showing the Mature Horses, that waiting until Horses Matchurate will change the way persons understand our Quest, and the Horses Plight, and it is because Horses can't talk verablle that they are treated the way they are.

           We suffered a great loss today in our War to save the Horse in America and on the Planet. Spring Love Died this morning.  The Show World suffered a loss of a great talent.    We  will miss her I am thankful for what She taught me.   See more in her Photo Album.  She aways came alive with lots of love and good feelings on her Birthday and her timing was perfect.

           Can you belive that they are going to let a Horse run with a nose bandage witch could cause alot of problems that would be too late to head off.  Its bad enought to run babies but Nose support is asking for trouble.

           This is the Year of the Horse So get on your High Horse and make the neccesery Changes to help Horses and live in Peace on the Planet. So center yourself and get to work.

          They are Running 3 years old Horses for a Million dollars in eight races so next they will add a older Horse to the mix. This will show you insite to how racing works. If you want to see close excellent Racing ask them to run 7 year old Horses or older who aren't Hurting. But that would take the Betting control out of their Hands.

           The Horse Race Sat. showed you that a 4 year old Horse (which is like our 12 year old child ) is Stronger than a 3 year old Horse (which like a 9 year old Child) In the race which really wasn't much of a race. as the 4 year old broke out of the gate on top and never was threaten also the chances of a 9 year old passing a older 12 year old is not heard of in racing or life.  He Paid $14.00 to two. They really cleaned up and laugh all the way to the Bank.  If they run a strong 5 year old Horse next race what do you think would happen if they ran the same 4 year old in the same race?   I hope they clean up their practices so we can watch real Horse Racing as a Horse does not Mature until they are 7 years old Male or Female.   A 7year old on a Horse is like our 21 year old Person.

        We all are responsible for the way Horses are treated in America and lets get Congress involved as they are the Power that can Change this mess around on a good note. I started a Petition to Help. Please sign it.  The Plight of the Horse in America

          Please Donate so I can Show Horses to Change the way the Industry is working.  In all the years I have been non proift and working on this Herd I have recived one Donation which was from my Daughter Melody, of $75.00. when I started.   I've been Non Profit since 2003 year.   Last year Google said I've had 30,000,000 hits. 

          What is Happening with Horses in America is everyones affair as Horses Helped us to enjoy the Living we enjoy and the easy times we live in.   Please Help any way you can.

          This Years Breeders Cup held 8, Million Dollar Race Purses, and the Final Race was a 5 Million Dollar Purse. The Race was one of the best Scripted Plays I have ever Watched.  It started with the Four Year old Moreno getting Crowed out and Blocked off. He was the Fasted Horse in that Race. It ended Just like the Finish Picture showed 3, Three year old Horses neck and neck and neck at the finish line and the Fasted Horse in the race, Moreno, Dead Last

          The past 10 years has shown that the Government has spent 1 Billion Dolars, taking care of 5 Million Cattle, 3 Million Sheep, all with Taxpayers money. If that isn't a kick in the pants the sheep and cattle was supposed to pay a fee for grazing on Government Grassland!!!  WE NEED SOME SERIOUS OVER SIGHT 



There is nothing I can give you that you do not already have  however while there is nothing I can give you their is much you can take   Take Hope for it lights the way to the future.   Take Faith for it is the future.  Take Love for without it the Journy is empty.