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What is Happing at Looked Farms Memorial for Horses.

January 20, 2008

         People have ask me why are you so involved in Equine Welfare?  I guess the short of it is it is so one sided that common sense says it must be changed if only for the sake of fair play. The I side of it is when I saw and understood how unbalance it is I could not look away. After Educating Myself  I Spent the time it takes to, from scratch, build a Sport's Herd and train, and care for it  everyday 7 days a week 365 days a year for 20 some years. It's takes a lot of mental and physical effort.and Love of Horses, Aminals and Planet.

.The other part of the answer is that I'm a Sagittarius and I have drawn a lot of strenght from a reoccuring dream I had as a child of standing as a Horse watching a small black child holding my Bridle all night outside a meeting house where George Washington and his Generals were planning to cross the Delware at dawn in a cold winter that Froze to death the small Boy.

 I started with Horses in 1946 after working at racetracks and at Horse farms around Ohio  I couldn't quite put together the reason people handled Horses the way...


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